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BLS is a new kind of law firm with offices in Budapest, Bucharest and Brussels. We provide companies in Hungary and across the CEE region with managed legal services in a way that lets them stay focused on their business development goals. We work directly with owners and management, meeting regularly to get to know their business from top to bottom and to become an integrated part of their team.


Our philosophy is that the applications of law differ from company to company, but the purpose of legal counselling is consistent. We strive to help founders and management feel supported in building and operating their company.

We have decades of experience in legal counselling
We think in clients, not cases
We came away from our previous roles in international law firms in order to provide exceptional service to our clients on a much more personal level. By forging relationships, we are able to think in proactive processes instead of reactive solutions. The BLS team works closely in tandem with leaders to build a channel between business and law through end-to-end managed solutions. By integrating ourselves holistically into client business operations, we help teams prepare for and respond to legal matters and stay competitive.
From business law to business decisions

We specialize in translating legal matters into business transactions. Our clients enjoy working with us because we take ownership over an entire project, from research to implementation, while executing legal decisions in a way that aligns with the way they do business.

Whether we’re collaborating on a standalone project or acting as an outsourced legal team, we use our deep familiarity with the business to present the nuanced legal context needed to make informed decisions quickly. We then coordinate the implementation flawlessly across the organization and with any other collaborating partners, honoring both strategic goals and set timelines.

Matching experience with agile management
Ambitious companies with their sights set on meaningful growth need partners that have the experience and depth to handle significant matters, and the agility to execute them efficiently. Our practice areas include the full range of business law and litigation services. We work with a network of attorneys to represent a broad spectrum of national and regional clients in a variety of legal areas. Where needed, we collaborate with additional specialists or regional offices. In these cases, we also coordinate work streams and communication, ensuring consistent documentation for the entire case, and providing clients with a single point of contact.
business law

We support our partners in daily business operations as a partially or completely outsourced legal department. Our experience in general business areas include labor and employment law, immigration, compliance and corporate housekeeping. 

Managed Legal Transactions
Our relationship-based approach lets us work with you as your company grows. This means that any new transaction is managed by a legal team that deeply understands your strategic goals and ethos.
Regulatory Risk Management
Approached proactively, managing risks can help you identify and mitigate upcoming legal issues to help your business excel. Our team’s holistic approach makes us uniquely capable of advising you on best practices and anticipating pertinent circumstances to give you a competitive advantage.
Dispute Resolution

Our team owns a long track record of litigation and arbitration cases, including commercial, employment, agricultural, and energy-related disputes. We help leadership measure up strategies and deliver practical solutions efficiently, with a complete understanding of the business’s goals, resources, and long-term vision.

Portfolio management
Portfolio management takes a scalable approach to the legal needs of company groups, sector-specific portfolios and holding companies. By managing multiple companies in a sector as one complex entity, we ensure efficiency and consistency across the entire group’s legal documentation. Our team advises groups on company structure, financing, licenses, and regulation in industries with varying degrees of regulation, from real estate to renewable energy.
At BLS, we recognize that privacy goes beyond just protecting data, it’s an underlying principle that must be considered in all aspects of the digital transformation. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients create strategy to safely capitalize on digitalization while maintaining the privacy of their data.
asset Protection
Asset protection planning takes your entire financial situation into perspective, creating a legal structure for navigating and managing your business commodities. From insurance policies to estate planning services, we create a strong legal structure to deter legal opponents and protect your accumulated wealth.
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